How our service works
Our purpose is to help build your companies exposure and growth within the Russia or Central & Eastern European Markets by introducing you directly to Local Partners and End-Users that need your technology, speak your language, have the right technical experience and can afford to pay you in advance.

Our Clients are companies of all different sizes, ranging from organisations that already have a good infrastructure within Eastern Europe and Russia to small family companies that are taking their first steps.

However whatever size your company may be, if you are looking to develop Russia or Central & Eastern Europe we are here to help!

We recognise that every company is unique and that every company have a different way of developing a market. Therefore we provide a tailor made service that will fit your organisations needs.

So if you would like help in supporting your current activities or you would like help in expanding your company's local partner or direct end-user business network then look no further. Euro Business Connections have the resources in achieving those goals.

We provide a marketing and business development program where we will introduce your company via email, website and telephone directly to a carefully researched database qualified to your needs.

So if you would like to learn more of how we can develop your business into Central & Eastern Europe, please contact one of our consultants.

We look forward in hearing from you.

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